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Seven families of Bagodar in Giridih district are running from pillar to post over the safety and welfare of their near and dear ones who were lured by some agents to get them lucrative jobs in the Gulf.

As per reports reaching here on Monday, the agents dumped the job-seekers in Dubai to do menial work and made to fend for themselves.


The concern for them grew all the more when one of them, Sunil Kumar, who was taken to Kuwait by the agents, managed to escaped from the clutches of their Arab employers and reached the Indian Embassy in Kuwait and returned to Bagodar four days ago, thanks to help from embassy officials.


Narrating his woes to the families of Sashi Bhushan Rai, Hiralal Mahto, Nilkanth Mahto, Chatradhari Mahto, Ayub Ansari, Nemchand Mahato and Jodha Mahato, who were lured by the agents, Sunil alleged that they were all kept as bonded labourers. He, however, said he was unaware about their condition and their whereabouts currently.


He said, in all 8 persons including him, were approached by one Chinnamalai-based (Tamil Nadu) agent Adlew Sardar through a Nawadih-based tout, Tukeshwar Mahto. They were told that Sardar had come out with very good offer for providing them lucrative jobs and covinced them to accompany him to Tamil Nadu where they will be accommodated suitably.


Sunil alleged that instead of taking them to Tamil Nadu Sardar, who was supplying labourers from India to Kuwait, dumped them in Kuwait where they are used as bonded labourers. They were neither allowed to meet anybody nor come out of the premises of the so-called employers.


Sunil alleged they were made to graze camels, sheep, goats and other animals in Kuwati deserts and brutally treated by their employers, who were Arab Sheikhs.


He somehow managed to escape from the clutches of the Arab employers and reached the Indian embassy whose took necessay step for his safe return to Bagodar.


After hearing Sunil's tale of woe, the wives of the other seven persons rushed to Hazaribag and submitted a petition to the North Chhotanagpur commissioner requesting him to take steps for the safe return of their husbands to Bagodar and demanded action against the agents who lured them to go to Kuwait.


Though the petitiones could not meet the N Chhotanagpur commissioner personally, their joint petition was accepted by the commissioner's office for necessary action.


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